The Dangerous Duo

July the 2nd from 18.00

at The Peoples Park in Bestorp County

You are wanted - for celebrating the first 100 years of these two very fine ladies!

Eva "Cattle Kate" Kampner and Louise "Calamity Jane" Ridderström wishes you a warm welcome to a lovely summerparty in country style! Let your imagination run wild and live out your westerndreams this night at the legendary Bestorps Folkets Park.

There will be barbeque, beer, fine wine, dancing, a bar with nice prices and lot’s of nice people, like you! So, polish your best boots, dust of your hat, put on your western clothes and gather with us!


It is the people that makes the party - and therefore you are an important part of the whole shebang!

Live music will be offered, but if YOU want to entertain in any kind of way, shape or form that would of course be absolutely fabulous!!! Contact one of the Sheriffs if you have any questions or ideas!

Contact the Sheriffs County Office for more information



Jonas: 0706-754945




Mats: 0708-556829



DEADLINE for OSA: June 12th


More information will be delivered later... Check the web now and then!


We are planning to offer bus transportation from a number of destinations, such as Gammalkil, Linköping, Mjölby depending on the interest from you folks! If you are interested, please contact us!


The Dangerous Duo wishes all you wonderful people a heartwarming welcome to the party -. and you better show up!!! - or you will be haunted by The Dangerous Duo... and you don't want that to happen!!


Eva & Louise!